HERne | Saturday
NOVEMBER :: 19th · 05

15.00h | Hörraum 2

Free entree!

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The education project “City, Country, River – New Sounds from the Emscher Region” illustrates the theme of the festival in a special way. The relationship between the local and the global is explored using, as an example, the reconstruction of the Ems River. Pupils and composers use the cultural components in this process of opening and making more dynamic as the point of departure for a creative, musical encounter with the questions of social and cultural change.

Bochum | Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule / Jupp Roskam | Class 10 WP 2
Composerteam: Anna Ikramova / Omid Shirazi

Dortmund | Hauptschule Aplerbeck / Grit Eschrich | Class 6a
Composerteam: Richard Ortmann / Sahbi Amara

Essen | Emscherschule / Thomas Kriesten / Angela Wilmer
Ckildren of classes 3a and 3b
Composerteam: Kay-Uwe Kirchert / Ahmet Bektas

Herne | Realschule Crange / Reiner Jorczik, Johannes Rau | Class 6c
Composerteam: Claas Hanson / Hans-Jürgen Kanty

Interviews and Sounds: Johanna Faber, Achim Fell, Dirk Fleiter, Ali Riza Güzel,
Karl-Heinz Blomann, Eckart Waage, Bastian Goetz

CD-Production: Claas Hanson, Karl-Heinz Blomann

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