HERne | Sunday
NOVEMBER :: 20th · 05

19.00 h | Theatersaal

Fenster schließen

When they first met for the recordings of Brody’s “American Folksongs” it was immediately clear that a dialogue was already in process, a dialogue which has, since then, circled wildly and chaotically around the Blues and which has inundated listeners with a little pain and very much music.

Obviously, Moss and Rodach have plenty to say to one another about the Blues. In their own inimitable way, the two artists develop a contemporary variant of this old musical tradition by radically shredding all of the usual clichés, patterns and timbres and pressing them into new forms. In their unorthodox, eccentric and bizarre fashion, these two well-matched partners juggle with the feeling of the Blues and this common desire for adventure brings forth results between oblique distortion and bittersweet passion.

This evening one can experience how a radical homage to the Blues is freshly reassembled live from pieces of their celebrated album “Fragmentary Blues.”

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