HERne | Sunday
NOVEMBER :: 20th · 05

20.15 h | Halle IV

Fenster schließen

Furthermore, these two border wanderers from Munich have always sought out contact to other art forms, have collaborated on different theater productions and have realized several radio plays. In the context of “open systems 2005” they meet up with Jeff Parker from Chicago who, as the guitarist with the band Tortoise, the Chicago Underground Orchestra and in numerous solo projects is as much at home in astoundingly beautiful worlds of sound as he is on all important international festivals.

The term “sculpture” is the title of a series of projects in which exclusively different improvisation models are in the foreground. “Sculpture” refers to the network of communication between the musicians as the ideal sculptural form. Since encounters of this kind are mostly based on sketchy agreements and since the products are always one-of-a-kind, the project title, “sculpture #6”, is well chosen for the evening.

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