Essen | Saturday
NOVEMBER :: 19th 05

Philharmonie | RWE Pavillon



Taking the avant-garde as their departure point, their project “Harz” (Resin) brings together Cello Rock and the classical style of playing. The project title refers to the resin (sap) of trees, also called “rosin,” that string players rub onto the horsehairs of their bows to help them resonate the strings of the instrument. The project can be seen as a search for meeting-points between different musical worlds. Dutch composers who work in the vicinity of pop, improvised and classical music have written pieces for the project, that understands itself to be moving towards a music in which drive, sound and groove are more important than harmony and aesthetic beauty.

Both Tara Fuki and Duo Dubbelduet were immediately excited about the idea of presenting, alongside excepts from their usual programs, a collaborative improvisation on the occasion of “open systems 2005.” In this way, the two cello duos, whose work could not be more different, will encounter one another for one evening and be united as a quartet, thanks to the openness of their attitudes.

Here they started playing as a duo and, in 2000, performing their first concerts together. In the meantime they have put out two CDs, have won numerous prizes and toured worldwide. Tara Fuki reflect widely diverse musical styles, sounds from distant lands and seem to be inspired by a poetic of the night and of dreams which can, on one hand, caress and comfort but, on the other hand, also inflict pain.

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