DOrtmund | Friday
NOVEMBER :: 18th · 05

20.45 h

Since his immigration to the USA in 1972, Tone has composed scores, which include text and visual images, as well as sounds for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and for solo concerts (at The Kitchen, the Experimental Media Foundation, the Guggenheim Museum Soho, among many others). Tone’s pioneering use of manipulated CDs, a technique with which he has worked since the beginning of the 80s, he has described as a process of “wounding” Compact Discs: “I asked myself if one could defeat the error correction system. If this were possible, I could also make entirely new music out of an existing CD. I called my audiophile friend who owned a Swiss-made CD player and asked about it. It was a simpler method than I suspected.

I bought a copy of Debussy’s “Preludes” and brought it to my friend’s place. By his engineer friend’s suggestion we simply made many pinholes on bits of Scotch tape and stuck it on the bottom of a CD. I had many trials and errors. I was pleased the result because the CD player behaved frantically and out of control. That was a perfect device for performance.”

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