DOrtmund | Friday
NOVEMBER :: 18th · 05

23.00 h

The mechanically minded composers, who later united themselves under the name of “The Hub”, were among the first in those days to connect computers together into networks to use them as large, interactive music instruments.

The birth hour of “The Hub” was the legendary concert in 1987 that took place in two locations in New York that were kilometers apart. The concert was initiated by two organizers of which one was, by the way, Phill Niblock. As much as network architecture changed in the course of the coming years, “The Hub” always remained an association of free composers, who kept hold of the reins by means of programming and interactive controls. After a longer break which was intended to keep “music from becoming the victim of technology,” it should be exciting to experience the work of John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Tim Perkis and Phil Stone – musicians who became software programmers and instrument builders in order to realize their individual musical ideas.

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