DOrtmund | Friday
NOVEMBER :: 18th · 05

21.45 h

As a representative who has emerged from musique concrète, he has the ability to integrate varied levels simultaneously in his electronic compositions. The performance-concert of the duo is also based on improvisation. On one hand, there is a rough structure that determines aspects of the order of events, but the ultimate stimulus for the performance is the appropriate location. On this evening, therefore, the newly opened (concert) house will become the third partner in the alliance. The dance, inspired by Buto, and the music, generated live using microphones, loudspeaker systems and electronic objects, enter into a dialogue with one another and with the respective performance space. Noises and movements form, as it were, a “body of space” in which the forms of expression swing like a pendulum between the Concrete and the Abstract, leaving behind lasting impressions of disturbing intensity. Sounds can be observed and movements listened to when Higashi / Marchetti weave the optical and acoustical dimensions into a single sensually perceptible fabric, an open system of interaction.

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