Bochum | Thursday
NOVEMBER :: 17th · 05
Schauspielhaus | Kammerspiele

20.15 h

The ongoing success of the ensemble, numerous engagements as a guest conductor as well as the direction of various music theater productions have earned Müller-Goldboom much respect from far beyond the avant-garde music scene. An intense occupation with the perception of micro-intervals lead Gerhardt Müller-Goldboom to recognize that which brain research has, in the past few years, found out about the perception of musical structures. Especially the process of categorization, the sub-division of the continuum of reality into discrete segments, which provides for a rapid orientation on one hand and, on the other hand, the ability to perceive very small increments more precisely if necessary, fascinates him in their apparent contradiction and lead him to the recognition of the characteristic of regions of intervals. His string quartet “gil spazi dento,” composed between 1997 and 2001, reflects upon the entire field between free and systematic composition. The five movements of the piece are filled with allusions and cross-references. At the beginning composed rather freely, the following movements adhere more and more to a strict system, though the systematic nature never becomes a musical end of its own.

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