Bochum | Thursday
NOVEMBER :: 17th · 05
Schauspielhaus | Kammerspiele
19.15 h

Fenster schließen

The words “light” and “echoes” lead to a vague poetical world, which can breed very diverse interpretations of the musical sounds and structures. Talking in musical terms “light” and “echoes” appear on a basic structural level: Archaic or spectral sounds are created, different kinds of real or deformed echoes create a special feeling of space.

The musical form of the piece is built in an archaic shape: in a modified form of a bow (which corresponds to a rainbow). Similar to the aural periphery of the piece, which is always close to the edge between beauty and noise (new playing and sound techniques), the metrical disposition is changing between clear and diffused: the ECHOES OF LIGHT are notated in quiet simple meters but the perception of a recognisable beat only flashes up for moments like a single sun ray, which disappears before you can catch it ...

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