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The atonal Minimal Cluster typical of Niblock, which Tom Johnson charmingly described as “no melody, no harmony, no rhythm, no bullshit,” lead the magazine “The Wire” to ask, on the occasion of his 70th birthday: “Did Phill Niblock invent both Grunge and Ambient?”

In “Anecdotes from Childhood / Slide Pieces,” a work by the New Yorker known only to a very few, Niblock requested that various friends and acquaintances tell of memories from their childhood. The sequences of interviews are woven together into a dense network of information, speech rhythms and voice sounds. Parallel to this, as the actual “imagery” of the installation, photo sequences illustrating situations, architectures and landscapes which were taken, collected and digitized by Niblock in the course of his notorious world travels, fade slowly over and into one another. An especially personal relationship exists between “open systems” and the grand old master of minimalism, Phill Niblock, thanks to MeX - Experimentelle und intermediale Musikprojekte e.V. – and their curator Jens Brand who, as a friend of many years, knows Niblocks work more intimately than anyone else in Germany.

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